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So Fine Professional frying, or as we like to call it for short, PRO FRY, is a high-oleic sunflower oil that we developed in collaboration with our partners for frying at high temperatures. As a counterpart to palm oil, this oil has many benefits. Food after frying reaches a golden yellow color.
The PRO FRY comes in a 10-liter package which is much easier to handle and always comes in liquid form. Therefore, the prepared food does not become hard during cooling because it has not accumulated fat, but the excess oil drains to the surface, so the meal does not become difficult to digest.

In addition to the professional cuisine, PRO FRY has done a lot for the end consumer.


Sofine lemon juice – a dose of natural refreshment

So fine lemon juice is an ideal product for refreshment in the summer months or a dose of vitamins in the cold season. It is made from a freshly squeezed lemon from Spain, which is its biggest advantage, which does not come from concentrate, but from the real fresh lemon fruit. It is ideal for hotels, restaurants, catering because in an instant, without additional time, you have a dose of lemon that you need for your favorite cocktail, tea or marinades, desserts, etc.

It is available in two variants, with pulp, and without pulp. In addition to liter packaging, it is also available in small disposable serving packages. It can also be an excellent supplement for the household because, after opening, the shelf life is 40 days.


Dehydrated fruit

For the Ideal cocktail, in addition to the right ingredients, the special charm is the decoration.

In our range you can find various spices for the production of Gin and for the decoration of your favorite Gin-tonic.

From coriander seeds, pine, red pepper, cardamom, rose buds to a diverse assortment of ornamental flowers, such as blue and purple cornflower, sunflower or rose petals, and dehydrate from all over the world: dehydrated lemon, lime, jaka, orange, mandarin, orange. , etc.

All these small, colorful accessories except in wholesale can be found in beautiful gift packages that we created in collaboration with the Sofine Moments team.