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As a distributor of food raw materials we strive for simplicity, functionality and good feeling.
Besides supply of food service, all our products can be personalised and with SOFINE MOMENTS program applied for a different type of occasion.

Supply of food service

Graphic design & production


Project Consulting

Bringing ideas
to life

Project Management


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Providing Services & Limitless Opportunities

Choose food wisely, meaningfully and enjoy the moment!

Graphic Design

We help you with branding and merchandise every tiny detail you want.

Media Promotion

We can do anything to promote the sale, we want to show the world and you the difference!


Frequently Asked Questions

Either you are a wholesaler, hotel chain, catering service, retailer, food production, professional chef, barmen, owner of a restaurant or fast-food chain, producer of food, cosmetic industry, bakery …we are here for you.

We are selling our products to all levels of the food and cosmetic industry because our assortment is made of around 400 different raw materials; such as oils, conventional and organic, seeds, nuts, spices and herbs, ciders, pulses, and cereals, canned products…etc. Simplified,  that’s the reason why our spectrum of thinking and selling goes beyond the limits.

Because our partners want us to have it all. As we said, we only grow together.

First of all, our diverse assortment. It must be something you’re using. Once you determined that, your purchase team can take a nap.

As a small team, we have one unattainable advantage-to react quickly. We offer fast delivery of goods and availability. We share with you our knowledge of market requirements and we are always up to date. Appreciate only mutual development and choose you not as a buyer, or ordinary customer; yet partner.

Whether you are a hotel chain, catering business, restaurant owner, cosmetic industry we can help you with branding and merchandise every tiny detail you want. Actually, we can do anything to promote the sale; especially by presentation.  That can happen either through the personalization of consumption material, diverse products, promotional gifts, everything that will show the best of you. We want to show  the world and you the difference.

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Yes, of course we jump on it! Creativity is our secret.  Imagination without the borders. Ideas, designs, marketing strategies, copywriting, slogans… everything you need or don’t even know you needed. We are here for both; for your ideas or when you can’t come up with one.

Because that is our passion. To find some tiny little holes which seek to be budded; asymmetries, which actually are quite nice.. but seek to be corrected and then watch all together in the end as perfect imperfection.

We measure our success in the development and progress of our partners. Improvement and prosperity in business are closely related to private life,  and so accompany the growth in every level of human being is the most beautiful thing one can possess.